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Being one of the oriental countries with cultural origins that trace back thousands of years, Vietnam has been amazing the world with both the variety of its handicraft articles and the skills of its handicraftswomen and men.

Traditional products such as artistic ceramics, lacquer and wooden wares, bamboo and rattan products, silk, embroidery, brass wares etc. are becoming popular throughout the world for their uniqueness with rich cultural characteristics and diversified designs.

Our website takes you on a journey to different famous craft villages throughout the countries where you will see typical products of these villages and where you will find the hardworking, dexterous, and creative qualities of the Vietnamese people. You will know more about the names of villages which have become the pride of Vietnamese people such as ceramics from Bat Trang, bamboo and rattan weaving in Phu Vinh, silk in Van Phuc and it is not by chance that the names of famous ceramic villages is ever present in folk-songs and has such a strong value for Vietnamese people.

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Being one of the oriental countries with cultural ...
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