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Phu Vinh Bamboo and Rattan Handicraft Village – Chuong My – Hanoi. Rattan and bamboo are typical products in Vietnam which have deeply long-standing development history.

Bamboo is ubiquitous in the Vietnamese countryside. Almost all villages are surrounded by bamboo hedges. Images of bamboo are attached to childhood, while a bamboo cane is a good companion to support old people when walking. Among them is Phu Vinh craft village in Chuong My district, Hanoi.

Every family in Phu Vinh village weaves bamboo and rattan articles for domestic use and export. Over 6,000 out of 8,000 villagers practice the handicraft, earning more than VND 2.2 billion a year. Talking about rattan and bamboo handicraft village, people always remember “The land of rattan” – Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan handicraft village, Phu Vinh hamlet, Phu Vinh community, Chuong My district center and about 27km far away from vietnam hanoi capital. Phu Vinh village stands by the site of national highway No 6A whch connects Hanoi capital and Northwestern moutainous provinces.The forefather of Phu Vinh bamboo – rattan handicraft village was not known. Following with the story from the village elders, around long 400 years ago, Phu Hoa Trang (old name of Phu Vinh village) has a place named Co Dau ground (now is Go Dau). Feather of storks fell and made this area become so dazzling white. Some people gathered them back home and plaited into many beautiful hats. Firstly, they were only used as souvenirs, then were liked more and more and became trading commodities. Go Dau’s villagers developed and expanded the work of weaving stork leather hats. However, stork leather became much more limitedwhile villagers were already skillful in weaving jobs, thus they continued to find more reed grass and other materials in the forest such as bamboo, rattan to weave handicraft products supporting for domestic demands then gradually formed trading commodities.

Nowadays almost products of Phu Vinh bamboo and rattan handicraft village are very plentiful and diversified. These products attract both domestic and international markets. Through natural material sourses such as bamboo and rattan, then under skillful hands of talent craftmen, they become extremely mordern with usage value and high aesthetic beauty.


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